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My name is Nuala, I have 12 years project and event planning and management experience.

Aye Surely Events is a brand spanking new business. I had been living in Sligo for the past 9 years, and returned to Inishowen in January 2017 to build my new business.

I believe that with the upturn in the economy and the recognition of Donegal as being one of the coolest places in the WORLD to visit, the time is right to start something new and exciting. Donegal is finally recognised as being a cool place, full of cool people and beautiful scenery, and we can see and feel an explosion of new and exciting initiatives throughout our fantastic wee county.

When I began to consider my options,talked to family and friends, and sat down and really though through what makes me tick, what my best skills are, and what I love to do - events was the obvious choice! In addition to having the required skills and a burning passion, I LOVE Donegal and I am a super-proud to be Donegal woman!

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Just in case your wondering why you should choose to work with me - here's a really quick outline of my experience and skills - I have over 12 years experience of project and event coordination, health and safety management, marketing and promotion. I feel very fortunate to be working with local businessman and entrepreneur Pat and all the team at Doagh Famine Village.

Doagh Famine Village is in business 20 years this year, and in that time they have developed a very positive and well-deserved reputation nationally and internationally.


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